sdkman introduces java sdk as a new install option

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In my previous post of setting the development environment in a right way I talked about tool called sdkman. Now, setting the development environment for java (or any jvm based) developers becomes very easy, sdkman introduced a support for java SE sdk.

The steps mentioned in my previous post for setting up java SDK becomes absolute and to manage different SDKs on your local environemt is done using sdkman.

sdkman setup

It super easy with following command:

$curl -s "" | bash

Following is quick reference to setup java SE sdk

To get a listing of Candidate Versions

$sdk list java

Install the specific version of the software

$sdk install java 8u121
$sdk install java 7u80

Choose to use a given version in the current terminal

$sdk use java 7u80

Chose to make a given version the default:

$sdk deafult java 8u121

I hope that this will make your life easy and java sdk (and related tool) setup in no time. Happy Coding!

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