Create a nodejs package for AWS lambda using npm

Creating a node.js package for AWS lambda is described here in detail. Basically, we have to bundle our javascript code and dependent node modules from node_mdules/ directory. In simple scenario, it would be as simple as following command:

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A signed HTTP request for AWS resources

Recently, I was working with AWS elasticsearch service and I had AWS Lambda function which does some busiess logic interacting with elasticsearch service. While making an http call to elasticsearch service from AWS Lambda function, we need to sign the the http request with Signature Version 4. To get this signing process easy, I decided to use aws-java-sdk-core library which uses Apache HttpComponents for http communication. Here is sample code to make a [signed] http request to AWS elasticsearch service:

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Deploying artifact to OSS Sonatype with travis and gradle

When you start coding with your opensource library, you might be exploring the way to publish the artifacts of it to maven central respository. Here, I am going to talk about the same process that I followed to publish the artifact to maven central repository. All these steps I carried out while releasng aws-http to maven central.

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sdkman introduces java sdk as a new install option

In my previous post of setting the development environment in a right way I talked about tool called sdkman. Now, setting the development environment for java (or any jvm based) developers becomes very easy, sdkman introduced a support for java SE sdk.

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Implenting search using lunr.js in jekyll site

By this time while reading this blog, probably you might have your jekyll site up and running on github pages or may be on AWS(Cloud Front backed by s3 bucket). Everybody wants to have some sort of search functionality on their personal site/blog. Definitely, I am not an exception to it.

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